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A Premium Organic Brand

Since 1988, Bjorg has accompanied its consumers daily in the process of changing their everyday eating habits. With more than 200 healthy and delicious products that respect the environment, Bjorg is the leading brand of organic products sold in major French retail stores.

The pleasure of better eating

Label ABOrganic

For 30 years now, Bjorg has offered exclusively organic products that are good for our health and the environment. All of our products bear the French label AB (organic produce) and the European organic label. These guarantee that at least 95% of the ingredients used in each of our products are organic, and that they have made without synthetic pesticides, GMO and artificial colourings. They are certified by an independent organisation, Ecocert


Bjorg provides healthy and delicious products with high nutritional value and preserving the natural taste of food. For example, our products use whole grains, have no palm oil and no added sugars. Naturally rich in vitamins, minerals, fibres and low in salt, Bjorg products can be enjoyed daily with pleasure! 

Sustainable development

Beyond organic produce, Bjorg has taken on commitments in support of sustainable development by using new packaging solutions that are more environmentally-friendly (plant-based ink, chlorine-free plastic, …).

Bjorg in figures

  • The leading national brand in France with over 22% market share 

  • 1/5 of all French people buy Bjorg 

  • 1 Bjorg product is bought every second 

  • 1 of the 70 most retail sold brand in 2017

  • Over 200 different products

  • Over 25 product innovations annually 

  • Sold in over 35 countries worldwide


Our history

The Bjorg brand was born in 1988 in Lyon (France). Set up by a dietician in a time where food scandals, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and obesity were all over the news, it positioned itself as an organic brand from the start.

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Contact us

Since 2000, Bjorg, Bonneterre et Compagnie has been part of the Dutch group Wessanen, a company founded in 1765 and an European leader of natural foods.

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