Bjorg's commitment

Organic is our raison d'être but not only!

  • picto bio Organic in our roots
  • picto Qualités nutritionnelles Nutritional values
  • picto Respect de l'environement Respect the environment
  • Plant-based food Plant-based food
  • picto Certification B Corp B-Corp
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Almond-strawberry-orange blossom Macaroon

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Macaroons 121

Almond-strawberry-orange blossom Macaroon

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Organic Buckwheat Cakes

Fresh goat cheese, raw ham and fig cakes

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Breton Crepes

Gluten-free Brittany style crepes

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The filesto be devoured

Explanation, trends, advice… All just out of the

Saut Liberte

How to eat gluten-free

Let’s eat better we’ll live better

Healthy and organic food

Replacing salt…