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    Why are organic products more expensive?

    A price difference can sometimes exist between organic and conventional products. This price difference is due to the different production methods used.

    Organic farming is labor intensive (production techniques, manual weeding…) and yields can be smaller and more variable. BJORG goes further by carrying out  each year additional analyses (search for traces of pesticides, verification of the absence of GMOs, mycotoxins, nutritional values, etc.) in addition to the mandatory controls at each stage. Moreover, BJORG is also committed to offering products with nutritional qualities (unrefined natural sugars, ingredients naturally rich in nutrients, selected fats by banning hydrogenated fats…). Taste being essential, BJORG creates authentic products that reveal the natural taste of the ingredients (real chocolate, no sugar in salted products…). Last but not least, our products are manufactured in partnership with a team of engineers specialized in food processing, dietician-nutritionist, chef and naturopath.

    All these initiatives are costly but are a reflection of the quality of BJORG products.

    So, by eating BJORG products, you choose confidence, balance and pleasure: it is possible to eat well by eating well!

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